Saturday, July 4, 2009

WOW. Here they are. Told you I would answer them all!

#1- how is it that through all the heartache and tears you can stay so positive? It's incredible to see you give props to the people in your life. You're pretty awesome.
Thanks. I am not always positive but I realize that I am one of the few people in the world that get to live out their dreams. I do alot of journal writing, reading and singing in the shower to cheer myself up.

#2- whats the best thing for a broken heart and a upset mind?
A conversation with a friend that has known you for a long time and can remind you that this too shall pass.

#3-whats the best thing for alittle stage fright when going into auditons...I have ALOT of them coming up! ahh!
I always do something when I teach a class or hold and audition. I make all the dancers close there eyes and I ask anyone who is feeling nervous to put up their hand. Usually every hand in the room goes up. That helps people remember that they are all in the same boat and to just relax.

#4- Who inspires you? and one more, What's your favorite band? :)
I am constantly inspired by all types of things and people. I am inspired to be a good person by my mom, and dance wise I am inspired by all my peers. I have danced in and around the NYC dance scene for almost 10 years and I see the same people over and over and they just keep getting better and thus, it inspires me to do the same. My favorite band is really hard: I can tell you my favorite female artist is Ani difranco and has been since 7th grade. I like artists who are more than artists, who are role models and who use their music and fame to better the world and not just to get fame, money and free drugs. 

#5- Did you receive my email? Haha
I am not sure. I recieve SO many emails eveyrday that it is getting hard to write back, but I will. be patient.

#6-Do you get stagefright? How do you deal with it?
Of course I get stagefright, mostly when I sing. Usually I just cry in the elevator on the way down from the botched audition. I actually get more nervous dancing in front of my peers then I do with huge crowds.

#7-Whats some advice you could give to someone who wants to be in the entertainment business?
Be yourself. There is a place for everyone to stay true to who you are and what you want to be. Nobody likes a cookie cutter. Also, be nice to people, on your way up- you will need them on your way down. 
DO not gossip. Usually the person you are talking about is friends with someone who will hear you, not cool.

#8-What's your favourite food?
Hands down. Avacado. The most perfect thing on the planet. When I was dirt poor and living in NYC I would save my money so I could go to the deli and buy avacados. They were 3.49 each!

#9-I'm Canadian too (CANADIAN PRIDE!), so I would like to know if any americans ever laugh at things you might say weird like "about". You know, typical canadian stereotypes.
Well they say that I am weird. Also I say “bagel” funny.

#10- can you pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time? yes, but I cannot walk down the stairs without tripping. Go figure.

#11- Have you ever auditioned for Tara Rubin?
Of course! For those who don’t know Tara Rubin casting is one of the big casting houses in NYC. They booked me on my national NIKE campaign as well as my Foxwoods commercial.

#12-Did you ever see 'Contact?' I think you'd make an amazing 'Girl In The Yellow Dress.' Thank you. I’ve never seen it live. I am in a show right now with a girl named Allie who played the Org. girl in the yellow dress. Rad.

#13-What's the first memorable dance piece you remember leaving a real impact?
When I was in first grade my aunt took me to Cats. Changed my life. After that I saw Eveyln Hart play Sleeping Beauty with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. I saw La La La Human steps also and I cried.

#14- Friend, you are so stylish and fashionable! What are your fashion and beauty product must haves? Secrets to staying in shape?
Thanks. I love vintage shopping and I read my friend lisas blog Leeselooks (read it) for fashion tips. Right now I am rocking my leather high waist skirt and mens dress shirts. To stay in shape I do Pilates reformer twice a week and then 8 shows of peepshow a week. Yikes.

#15-What, so far, has been the proudest moment of your life?
Seeing my face on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine and dancing with the Radio City Rockettes.

#16- are you at Radio City or traveling, for the Rockettes this year?
I am once again on the Arena tour, I had the option to do NYC this season but the tour is going through Canada and I thought it would be amazing to do my favorite show in my homeland.

#17-I really admire you (for assorted reasons), so I kinda want your opinions of a few things. Music? Books? Anything else you can perscribe for an easily bored teenage girl?
All I can say is be bored but dont get bored and cut bangs. You’ll regret it. 

#18- How is Hobes doing? What is you favorite kind of tea? What kind of facial and make-up products do you use?
Hobo is great and very loved. She is about to go spend the winter like she does everyyear at my parents house in Canada and she loves it up there. My favorite kind of tea is peach ginger sencha. I use kiehl’s products and la mer.

#19- I was wondering, was it cool to be Ryan's girlfriend? Did you get to explore fantastic places and was he generally sweet? (:
When I was with Ryan I adored him, he was always great to me to my face, I guess that is why I was so hurt when I found out about all the things he did behind my back. But it was fun to watch him grow as a person, and I really only wish him the best and hope he finds whatever it is that he is looking for. I still worry about him everyday and am still very close with his family, but we are both moving on our lives and I will always have great memories of our years together, Ryan was my best friend for so long and I miss that dearly.

#20 what did you do as a job during your time living in myrtle beach? i'm assuming you danced in one of the shows, so if i'm right, which one did you perform in? :]
I lived in myrtle beach because that is where the touring rockettes rehearse. I never actually did a show there.

#21-oh and were you nervous when you first met celebrities while working? i know i would be! I dont get weird about celebs ever. It’s just not big of a deal. I got excited when I worked with Mel B because I was a spice girls super fan. I also loved working on SNL because I watched it growing up.

 #22-You've been dancing for what seems most of your life. I danced for most of my child-hood but since I had to move to a different state, I haven't held up with the ballet. I love dancing, but I'm scared of getting back into it because I'm afraid I might not be good enough anymore. Words of advice?
:] never ever give up. ever.

#23-What is your favorite quote (dance, life, whatever-you-want related)?
No day But today- rent

#24- What do you think you would be doing in an alternate universe?/What kind of person would you be?
Professional crafter or own a bookstore. I would probably actually just be wall-e. I’m very serious about litter.

#25-If you could change anything in your dance career so far, what would you change? What advice would you give aspiring young dancers (like myself haha)
Oh! And did you take your Advanced 2 in ballet?

Well excuse me while I age myself, but when I took R.A.D ballet there was no advanced 2. Just advanced. Ha! I would tell dancers that dance is a business, just as important as talent is being well prepared.

#26- do you have any tips for split leaps? mine kick out to the side all wierd
Stretch with your hips square with a theraband or rope and then do not allow yourself to cheat in the air. The flex will come but you have to own the technique.

#27- how hard is it to make it in new york?
“ I you can make it there you can make it anywhere, good old new york”

#28-How did you get to new york? 
you work with a lot of photographers, do you ever pick your photographers?
And would you ever consider doing a photoshoot with one of your fans?
I took a greyhound bus for 2 days and 16 hours to get to NYC. I love Amy Dunn and Bryan Hainer. I pick them, as much as I can.

#29-if i'm almost 18 and have never really been a dancer, is it too late? would it be ridiculous to be in a beginner's ballet class?
No way! I see people of all ages in all classes. Go for it!

#30- capezio or gaynor minden? Sugar and Bruno. But capezio pointe shoes.

#31-how do you forgive someone after being cheated on by them? are you supposed to? . youvve been throught this, so is there anyway to be friends with the guy with ur dignity intact? or should i listen to my frineds and let my big brother beat him up?

I mean, its not easy. I think being betrayed by someone you trusted is so hard. But I think that I believe in Karma and I think that the universe will take care of it. I realize people make mistakes, but making the same mistake over and over and over seems sort of unforgivable. I think if you choose to let someone who has betrayed your trust back into your life be careful. Liars tend to be liars and I wouldn’t want a friend who I couldn’t trust. violence is never good idea, on any scale.

#32-What's your drive? Your inspiration? What motivates you?
I am motivated by art, air, music and the magic that I see in almost everything daily. For some reason, I am never satisfied and I guess that motivates me to always want more.

#33- What's your favorite Matt Nathanson song/album? Also, since you used Kris's version of Heartless in your video, do you watch American Idol or did you just stumble upon his cover?
I love Matt. I think live at the point is the best album. I didn’t watch AI (I don’t watch tv. ever) I stumbled on the cover.

#34- Are you a vegetarian?
Yes. In grade 8 my mom cooked a ham and it looked like my leg. Haven’t done meat since.

#35-Where did you get those awesome brow-line glasses you wore in your previous posts?
p.s. i think it's awesome that you quotes "the last five years."
I got them at a vintage store, and the last five years is amazing.

#36- what does the quote "it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" mean to you?
I guess it means, that we should expect more out of ourselves. If we think we are doing okay in a place that is only half human then we are really only a little above average.

#37-What do you see yourself doing much farther down the road? It seems as though the public is more accepting of/open to seeing figures other than "dance teacher," that judges, choreographers, art directors, etc. are all far better known by the general public. How do you see yourself fitting in or distinguishing yourself?
I see myself becoming the voice of this generation of dance. Like an “it” girl but for dance. And not because I want to status, but because I care so deeply about it all. I obsess over the dance culture. I really do.

#38-How much of the process (in getting your name out there) is done on the job, and how much of it happens when you aren't "working" - in auditions, rehearsals, shows, industry events?

Do you think that one has to always be "on" and looking for opportunities?
I agree. 100%. Building a career has alot to do with just knowing people and building a rep. I think people want to work with good, positive, talented people, not divas or uprofessional dancers.

#39-hello. this is a little late, but being friends of The Cab, who are signed by decaydance, what are you thoughts on the Millionaires?
I’ve never heard of the millionaires. I do think the cab’s version of “I’ll run” on their new ep is steller. 

#40-how do you keep from falling apart? esp when it comes to a guy? i feel so stupid when i let them affect me so. help?
I wish I knew. I don’t. I like to think though, that everyone has a match, like a puzzle and that if someone doesn’t want to be with you then they are just not your match and you can’t force it. We all deserve someone who fits.

#41-what was your favorite place at victoria school (classroom, hallway, etc)? did you write something in the hallway behind the theatre? was there a teacher there that influenced your career?
I loved the downstairs ballet studio with the red walls. Is it still there? I also loved the theatre. Im pretty sure I signed the wall of fame in the back hallway stage right. Everything about that school influenced me. It was amazing. Mr. Witt was my homeroom teacher!

#42-Do you know how inspiring you are?
No. But I appreciate you all writing me to tell me.

#43-What are your favourite things and places in the world?
I love beaches, sunshine, being warm, snuggling, doggies, tea with spagatti, the top of 95 horatio street in NYC, BDC, Central park, A clean house, a craft store, singing showtunes, dancing, skipping and peaceful sleep.

#44-hello :) I would like to know what (if any) drugs ryan was taking during the time you were together? I noticed you were very adamant about being against substance abuse.
I can’t answer this obv. but I think that the world is a really magical and special place and I don’t see the need for any help with that.

#45- Who is the most honest and genuine person you have met so far? And is the new Cab boy Bryan as sweet as I've heard he is? :-P
Celeb would be Mel B. and Choreographer would be Stacey Tookey. Bryan is very. very sweet.

#46-How's the book coming along?! The book is great, I hope to be a published author in 2010. Apparently you need about 40,000 words to have a novel, I am at about 26,000 so I have a ways to go. Two people have read parts and loved it. A friend told me is was the most honest, funny and relatable thing she had ever read.

#47-Where´s Waldo? haha. No, sorry. Uhmm...If you could wish for anything that would come true, what would you wish? I wish my brother would find happiness in his life. He’s been through the ringer with being ill and all I want is him to find a nice family and be ok. 

#48- Lots of Pas de Chat or lots of Pas de Bourre? Pas de Chat, and fast so no one can tell I am cheating my closing in fifth!
#49- do you drink alcohol? Yes, love the margaritas from tortilla flats. Sugar rim.

50-What would you say is the most ridiclous rumor you have heard about yourself? Just in general, really. :-)
That i was a stripper and a porn star. I mean, please take a look a my body. I am so far away from stripper or porn star it isn't funny.

#51-are you and brian from the cab more than friends?
I am keeping my personal life personal right now. But I think he is really great and happens to be gorgeous!

#52- When I come see Peepshow, can we finally meet? Of course! Just wait outside after the show and I usually come out about 20 minutes after, I love meeting fans!

#53- but are you writing an autobiography, and is it going to be published?
My book is the story of a naive girl who moves to nyc and falls in love with rock and roll. It follows 3 seasons of rockettes, 3 seasons of love and 3 seasons of picking herself up after different losses. It is also a guide to surviving a breakup and before each chapter starts the days numbered off and the follows the healing process. Sounds weird but it reads great I think.

#54-What are you doing after Peep?
 Right now I am working on a tv show for VH1 where I am one of the leads, doing peep, selling my dvds and cuffs as well as getting ready to launch my Sugar and Bruno stuff. After peep is over I am heading out to do that Rockettes again this season and then after that who knows! I want to buy a house in NYC this winter and thats my only real goal right now. But trust me. I will know it when I see it. I just really want to focus on myself and creating my dream life.