Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's about that time again.

Good news...the new Xmas Radio City commercial has been made and your truly is all over it. This is good for two reasons: #1- I make lots of money #2- It will constantly remind me how out of shape I am and how IN SHAPE I was last xmas. It's strange to watch this video because so much has changed for me since last season... I can honestly say I was so joyful during all these kicks. I was so oblivious to all the secrets that can be held when someone is far away on the road. I was too busy to notice. There is a great line in a dashboard song that says " road rules apply". I've never applied those rules but I guess they exist and I just never knew. I was so busy laughing, hanging with my sisters and having a blast to notice. It is for the best though! It was a super wonderful part of my life and I have the highest hopes for tour this year, some of the dates are already up on and I cannot wait to do my thing in CANADA this year also.

Can you spot me...Hints... I am downstage in the double line with my back to the camera kicking, an then second from the left in the straight kickline (eeek my right kick is SOOOOO open...NOTE!) and then I am on of those goofy ragdoll running around too!

So excited to get back to this all, and it is only a month and a half until we start up rehearsals...