Friday, July 24, 2009


Today is the proudest day of my life! Finally after 6 months of work my designs are available! I hope that everyone loves the choices and I am currently working on even more pieces (sweats, bags, hoodies) for winter.

The Fearless tank came from the idea of doing something that everyone could wear. I wanted to make something for dancers and non-dancers alike. The idea came after I went through some crazy struggles all within a short amount of time and I really felt like had hit rock bottom. I read an awesome inspiring email a friend had written me that said " You can't fear the future Keltie. The Future is where are your dreams come true." This was during a time where I was rehearsing each and everyday with Jerry Mitchell and his favorite thing to yell is "FULL OUT!". I adopted the saying "FULL OUT! FEARLESS!". A few days later I got the word fearless tattoo'd on my ring finger. For me this was a turning point. I decided to embrace the unknown, move forward and create a world in which all my dreams come true, and to not fear love, rejection or my own weaknesses. A week later I was signed to Sugar and Bruno and began my work! For the Fearless Heart tank I wanted the font of the word to match my tattoo, and I wanted the heart to look like I had drawn it on myself. The detail within the back design is doodles representing all the fearless things, stars like my tattoos, hearts, flowers (still got that hippie thing) and in the back is my name signed...very small. I wanted this to be printed on an everyday tank, you can wear it to class, or you can rock it with a pair of jeans. This is just a reminder to just be fearless, I am. I have lived one of my worst nightmares right out here in the open for everyone to see, handled it with half the grace I wish I had, but I jumped back into life and love fearlessly. Same goes with auditions, you are gonna get cut 50000 times before you book that dream job. Just be fearless and full out! Everything happens for a reason!

The Peace. Love. Dance. tee came from a place where I wanted to make a hippie t-shirt. I thought this shirt would be white with all kinds of flowers and drawings all over it. The more and more we worked on it the more I loves the idea of doing something bold and bright. All of you told me that you love v-necks and I took your advice! I loved the idea of doing a "dance" t-shirt that was not cheesy and pink. I wanted something even the dopest b-girl would rock. It was only supposed to be printed on the black and during a mistake at the factory we discovered this grey sort of vintage look too! I love them both.

I am sitting here crying with emotion. This year has been the greatest year of my life and it is only JULY! Working in a kickbutt show, filming TWO tv shows, being on the cover of DANCE SPIRIT and inside DANCE MAGAZINE and DANCE TEACHER MAGAZINE, Making the 60% for the rockettes, selling out of mantra cuffs in a week, and meeting the cuties at Sugar and Bruno and them signing me even though I am not on SYTYCD or Dancing with the Stars...they took a big chance and I have worked my butt off to make great designs so that I can make them proud. I really hope you love this gear. Thanks in advance for all your support.

Kelly Monaco once said to me. "It doesn't matter what happened to you, no one cares, they are only watching to see you fall apart afterwards, don't. Use this as a platform to be the most kickass girl in the world."

done? well, in any case I feel like I am well on my way. I owe alot of this strength to you all. You are my lifeline and my vent journals and my inspiration to stay positive. I love each and everyone of you. Whenever I see you on the street I will hug you till you cannot breathe. Thank you for your love, support, tough love, sometimes really honest tough love that I didn't want to hear...but mostly your love and belief that after so many years of relentless hard work I would finally get all the recognition in the world. It feels crazy but it also feels amazing. Now hop on down to and check out my signature series page!