Thursday, July 9, 2009

its here!!!!

I just got a huge box full of my first samples of my shirts from my line! I cried! I cannot believe how amazing everything turned out. It looks cool laying on my floor but even better on! The fearless tank is so superrad and I am trying to decide which color I should do the tshirt in? HELP? I am sitting here on a day when I have cried my eyes out all morning, my guy called me back three times to say, are you still crying? you wanna talk? and finally on the fourth call I was crying because of happiness! After all the things I have been through, and all the nights I have spent dreaming, working and planning and all the sacrfices I have made I can see MY NAME on something I designed!!

I love that my signature (heart)Keltiecolleen for Sugar and Bruno is on every shirt. So amazing.

What do you think???