Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Canada!

Happy birthday to my motherland. She's not too shabby for 142.

To honor this great day, I shall name my top 10 things I love the most about Canada...

#1- Sesame Street was in French and English and it helps to impress people with skills of counting to 10 in both dialects as well as knowing how to order milk for my tea in Paris.

#2-Matthew Good Band... Good is his last name, but he is also good, and matthew is my brothers name and I like bands so really they won from the start. "

#3-Worlds Largest Ukrainian Pysanka is about 20 minutes from where I grew up, and that is our claim to fame. Yup.
Built in 1974, this one of a kind attraction has been dedicated as a tribute to the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The many colors and symbols represent harmony, vitality and culture.

#4-Different coloured money makes sense.

#5- My very favorite Ballet company in the world, LA LA LA HUMAN STEPS are from Montreal

#6- Mint Areo Bars

#7-Shelley's Dance Company (my second home growing up)

#8- Our army is called "peacekeepers" I just thought that was really, really nice...and peaceful.

#9- Celine, the fact that is from Canada, and created what I think was one of the most amazing dance show in the past 25 years. A new day was EPIC. Her dancers were EPIC. This video gives me chills.

#10- My mommy, daddy and bro. The best family ever.

Love you Canada, was hoping to spend some time with you at the end of the summer but looks like I will be busy making all kinds of dreams come true and will be too busy. It's okay, I will see you sometime in the minus 40 degree winter that I love so much. XOXO