Friday, July 3, 2009

Holly. The super dork.

I completely forgot to blog about my opening with Holly Madison. What a fart. (That's a joke for you Holly.)

So, Holly is amazing. She is so sweet and cute and so dorky. I've made a new friend as well as a new castmate. Last night we went and saw a topless magic show called Abra-ca-sexy! It was Abra-ca-bad. But it was a blast regardless. I have never been with anyone in public who gets asked to take more pictures, america really loves Holly, and now I know why, she is just so gracious, happy and considerate. Plus, she's damn hot. Her opening night was super fun, and included a cool party at the PH and then her and I running to the gay bar to try to find my dance captain. Opening nights are ment to be crazy and that one was. Here are some of the press pics! Enjoy!