Saturday, July 18, 2009

Video killed the radio star.

I spent the morning looking for ways to describe awesome. I found one in the form of my friend Sheryl. We have worked together about a zillion and three times and no she is off doing HUGE things like Beyonce's Ego video... Sheryl shares my love for the sailor hat and that is why today she is on my blog, plus some really kick butt dancing!

One more time, be kind to everyone, and be your best self at all times you never know when you are on tour with a band like collective soul and you meet a hottie named nick in a band called silvertide that said hottie will have the most amazing sister and you will lose the guy but keep the sister and they two of you will become amazing friends and one day she will live in LA and meet a boy named Jed, they will start a production company and that company will be working with someone who has the same "peeps' as your favorite director in the world Alan Ferguson, who you met sitting backstage at some awards show where everyone was acting a fool and you were talking about karma and promoting world peace and then sat in random parks in NYC dreaming up amazing video ideas, and he will recommend you, and sister will recommend you and someone will give you another chance to get rid of status quo dancing and change the face with some groundbreaking originality. You just never know. In the word of my favorite author "It is always anything can fucking happen day".