Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the coolest girl ever.

So, sometimes you meet people at you instantly click. This happened to me and my label mate Chelsie Hightower. Yes she is super amazing and on Dancing with the Stars but more importantly, she is just hella cool. Within the first 4 hours of us being friends we shared bras and shoes, made up a song about the Sugar and Bruno warehouse, played with toys, realized our mutual love of Diet Coke and nude lipgloss and most importantly I taught her how to twitter from her phone. You are welcome chelsie fans! She is so rad and I am so happy to be clothing label mate and friends with this girl. Plus she makes really great sweatpants.

Stay tuned to this week for pics of our photoshoots, behind the scenes video and maybe a song, alligator car, rubber glove and some girls climbing through windows and sneaky-sneakying thru the factory!

My photos for my autograph cards, clothing tags, ads ect turned out so cool. For the last pics I decided a hawk was important (with bangs of COURSE for my 5 finger forehead!) I am also going to be appearing in an upcoming issue of DANCE MAGAZINE rocking my gear, Very cool.

In other news, well, the news has got me down. The media is strange, sometimes they tell the truth and sometimes they make stuff up, the problem is that it is all intertwined and it leaves us wondering...All I can say is that 50 percent is very very very true and the other half just hurts. It is the same with our mouths... people tell me I have a terrible filter for the things I say, and I agree but at least I say it out loud, to a face and not behind someone's back. I do not think there is anything that feels worse that the malicious activity that goes on behind my back. I had this discussion with Aubrey and lucky for you, you get to see it on tv, but I am just a speaker, if something bugs me, I say it, OUT LOUD to your face so that you can correct me, defend yourself or tell me to kiss off. I respect humans enough to be upfront about my feelings, we don't always have to agree but let's all have a big grown up talk about it instead of sneaking around behind eachothers backs. You know?

I meditated on this today:

I will suppress the urge to win arguments and prove I am right.
I will measure my words ever so carefully and make sure I speak the truth in love.
I am not a slave to the opinions of others.
I will keep silent when the opportunity comes to talk behind someone's back.
I will take responsibility for my reactions to people and stop blaming others for how I am.
I will not stand on the side and allow the music in my heart to fade away.

We can all be better, each and everyday is a new day to reinvent ourselves.