Monday, July 13, 2009

tokyo + I both have tats to match our shirts, of shirts to match our tats, or we are just rad.

I think that teaching and inspiring the next generation of dancers is one of my favorite things ever. What a totally rad day. I was talking to these nuggets (what i call dancer chicks) about being fearless, how you stand in a class with a teacher you have never met in a room with a bunch of people you don't know and are expected to just act cool, calm and collected. No one ever feels that way. I sure don't. We can all learn though to fake it really well, the trick is to walk into any situation and be able to overcome whatever it is inside you that is holding you back and be FEARLESS and just go for it. Leave it all out on the floor. Believe in yourself even if no one does. One of the greatest things I witnessed today was this girl in the yellow shirt, standing in the back being an amazing dancer but hiding. I pulled her out, told her to lose the fear and she really blossomed. So special. It was also cool to hang with Lacey and Toyko and get to see all the rad Sugar & Bruno gear in one place. What an honor to teach and rock my own designed clothes and then have kids run out to buy them! I feel so much cooler than I really am. RAD.

I've been getting alot of emails as of late and I was just thinking about why I exist and what my purpose is. I cannot answer that but I can say this. Thank you for taking this journey with me. Dance. life and Love are so amazing, and if it was not for the really rough times I wouldnt have anything to pull out of my soul when I dance, if it wasn't for the good times, I wouldn't feel as amazing as I feel right now. I can only ask this of you. Stay true to what you believe. People and things will come in and out of your life but never let they sway you. I have very strong convictions of what I think is right and wrong and I stand behind those. People are gonna try to change your mind. Your mind doesn't need changing. Maybe that makes me uncool, maybe I don't fit in to what everyother person in entertainment is doing, maybe it makes people want to get me out of their lives so they are free to do things I do not thing are ok, maybe, maybe, maybe, but i believe that love is the answer and that maybe the moon is beautiful on its own and being human is being able to stand outside and look at it an be amazed, just by being amazed. Maybe one day you will find yourself seemingly surrounded by people who love what you do, what they do and could talk about it for hours. I hope you do. I am so blessed to be so loved. I am so blessed to have the life I have. I am so blessed to always have the courage to want more for myself and demand more. None of this makes sense, but it all makes sense.

The AMAZING tokyo. Some kids that are way better than me. Love.