Sunday, April 19, 2009

three parties on one night.

Afterparty #1- Roof of Planet Hollywood, beautiful, warm, danced my ass off to Poker Face, enjoyed some wine, friends and was impressed by the height of Trump, Sweetness of Mr. Sheen, Skinniness of Lohan, and grace of Mr. Jerry Mitchell. Reviews came flying in that PEEP was a smash, overheard from Perez, Robin Leach and the press that was there. Very Exciting, looks like the reccession can't get me down! So proud of all the cast and crew for really leaving it all out on the floor last night, it was ELECTRIC! Standing back stage with Kelly before our entrance and just held her hand and said "This is live theatre baby, enjoy opening night, there is nothing else in the world like it!". So true, NOTHING gets me as high as opening night. Pure Magic.

Afterparty #2- Prive, Inside PH, danced my ass off to "so what", another amazing heart to heart with my girl Kelly Monaco and her momma, might, or might not have said the word "showmance" to the tv crew! oops! Hung with my awesome agent mr. freer and let caution to the wind. Wanted someone to clone Emily and Kristen's amazing boyfriends Jay and Trey (rhymes!) and make a magic seed I can plant to grow one. :) Feet hurt so bad. Saw Fergie Ferg and also told Mr. Big that his wife is HOT (she is!)

Afterparty #3- Kelly's Suite, ate brie, drank more wine, 50 stories up in the air overlooking the strip. Spagatti was a mess! Watched the sound designer Nick do tricks on Kelly's in room stripper pole. Very funny. Took a cab home (NEVER EVER DRINK AND DRIVE!) and called it a night after sneaking backstage to grab all my flowers and other opening night gifts!

Last night was one of the greatest in my life. There are some things I wish had been different, but I am learning to accept that this is where the universe wants me to be! A little social butterfly instead of a fly on the wall.

Do you guys like my dress? The gays and costume designers voted me best dressed! A sensible feather, sparkle and red lip!