Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cannot sleep

I am WAY to excited for tommorrow.

Had an amazing day when I walked into the theatre and saw THIS! A huge keltie, in full Lil P (piggie) costume on the pillar as you enter the theatre. Makes me so proud and make me think that my legs might be my best asset. Hee hee.

Got to hang by the pool, reality tv style, all day and then did the show tonight with my awesome agent Christopher Freer in the audience, he feels like a dad to all the cast kids ( there are 11 clients from Clear Talent Group in this show! Werk!) and it was great to see him. I have to pick up spagatti in a few hours at the areo, buy opening night cast gifts and then get pretty for some red carpet and the show, I cannot wait as I know the energy will be amazing. Also excited for our rooftop opening night gala and after party! PEEPSHOW!!!!!

As you might have heard my pal Kelly Monaco is judging Miss. USA on sunday, I am going and cannot wait to see all the pretty dresses.

Great convo with Mel and her hubby about empire building tonight. She's a rad chick. Girl power.

Hobo seems depressed. I think she misses our old roomies deliah and bono. Should I get another puppy? a cat?