Saturday, April 4, 2009

follow me.

Empowerment is a pretty spectacular thing. I've been thinking, talking and living alot of "girl power" lately. Maybe it is because Mel walked into my life, maybe it is because I get to dance onstage with 16 of the most beautiful, confident women I have ever seen each night. Maybe it is the look in the audiences eyes when I catch them looking at me and I know they are thinking, if only I had the "huspa" to strut around as sure of themselves as I appear to be. Good thing I am a great actor. ha! Convo's included this tid bit: "I judge myself way harder than anyone else, so who cares? Your work doesn't define you as a person, the mere thought of everyone liking what you do is unreal and the very basis of art is opinion. I am not intrested in being good. Everyone is good. I want to be great. Unless you are great you won't be remembered"

I've been very worried about what my younger followers would think of me for putting myself in a burlesque show. The show is sexy. I cannot lie. Taken out of context I think it can be misunderstood. However, if I read you the resumes of the people invloved, lights, sound, designers, directors then you might just think it was the sassiest broadway show ever produced. We are making a tv show for e! or something like that and have cameras following us constantly. I wondered if people would be weirded out about some of the sassier costumes. I know alot of the dancers who look up to me are a little bit younger and I just want to say this I guess. I think that society places this ban on women ever appearing strong, confident and sexy at the same time. You are either smart, or you are hot, CHICKS! it is okay to be both. It is fine to be SMART enough to take any job someone as famous as Jerry Mitchell offers you, and pretty much put yourself in his good books for whatever new Broadway smash he directs and at the same time be HOT enough to have people pay 181.00 a seat to watch you dance.

Mostly, being empowered is amazing because when you start making your own choices, based just on what is best for you and not what everyone else might think, say or do to you as a result you feel so in control and powerful. It is ok to be strong, even if everyone wants you to back down. Hold your heads up! Kick your legs up! and most of all...Thanks for following me on this journey.

ps. Avril and skater boy and the cast of friday night lights in the audience tonight. Please god let Jason Mraz come to the show when he is town and fall madly in love with me and want to sing me songs all day long. Please? no? okay. whatever.

pps. The amazing bryan Hainer shot this for me. It was his idea. I went in to get some awesome shots for my new site. Those I can show later. This pic to me is so strong and fearless. Loves. Check out bryans work at www.