Saturday, April 18, 2009


Tonight is the night! Spagatti is here, ironing his shirt, I am almost done some hair + MU prep and have packed up and soon we will head to the theatre for show, red carpet, gala, and after party. Looks as though as long as we are in bed by noon tommorrow we can get a full 7 hours before my next show. My girl kesh and her man are on a plane on their way from the west coast also. Cannot wait to see my southern belle.

If you would have asked me when I signed this contract in December what my life would be like when this show actually opened, I could not have told you the story of the last few months. Putting up Peepshow has been the MOST challenging thing I have ever done. So many changes, long days and such an emotional ride. Bottom line, you can never trust anyone 100% be it, an agent, the word of someone, a producer or even sadly, a friend. But you can stay true to yourself, learn from everything and give every in your life a chance to be better everyday. It doesn't matter what you think you are like, you have to ACT a certain way if you want people to see you that way. If you believe you are a great person, and act like a trouble-maker and do bad things, then people will think of you that way. Actions will always speak louder than words. You are what you do. So hug, laugh, support, be honest, be true and be FEARLESS.

Peepshow is going to be a hit. It is delicious. Cannot wait. See you at noon tommorrow :)