Thursday, April 16, 2009


There will come a point in your life, or maybe every single day of your life where you will get to choose between doing something comfortable, easy and painless or something scary, uncomfortable and painful. You will have to choose between doing what everyone else is doing or standing strong in your own beliefs. You will have to choose to follow your own dreams and wake up everyday of your life in a new city, with a new boss and a new teapot. You will never have a permanent address. You will only take with you what can fit in 4 boxes. Sometimes you will be rich and sometimes you will be very very poor. You will give your heart to someone fully and very carefully only to have it smashed on the floor. You will watch people ruin their lives and know that you can only fix yourself. You will wake up everyday and decide to either lay in bed all day where it is safe and warm or get up, get out there and go to that 900th audition. You can choose to give up when everyone else does, or you can... be fearless.

I will not be afraid of anything, I won't hide my heart, feelings, passion, or trust away because I am scared I might get hurt again. I won't be afraid to keep following all my dreams no matter how rocky the road gets. I won't be afraid when my body gives out, I will just listen and take care of her a little better. I will not fear loss, love or luck. I know they are all on my side.