Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Peep weekend begins!

Tommorrow launches us into official peepshow opening weekend! Tons of press and events and lots of fancy dresses! Just the way I like it. Tommorrow I am getting my new tattoo as a celebration of making it to this point! FEARLESS!!!!!!!

Above is the scan of an article that is in Las Vegas Magazine about the show, I was interviewed and managed to get ONE line in! Yay. With Kelly and Mel (or as I call them Melly) are the 6 lead character ladies, and Josh and our giant pumpkin set piece. Very cool shot I thought.

I am listening to Roxette right now, and singing along, drinking some awesome detox tea and I just finished the touches on all the opening night gifts I crafted! Over 45 of them! WHOA. I must be a nerd! ...duh.