Thursday, April 9, 2009

scans mans.

Here are some scan of my article incase you didn't buy it or can't find it. I would love it, if you love it, or even if you hate it to hop over to and leave some feedback, you might even end up in print in the next issue! They took a big risk putting me on the cover and I know they are wondering what y'all think.

Hanging with Shannon was awesome, she gave me an amazing juicy peace necklace that I wear everyday now. I am glad her pretty mug is in the mag too. I've been talking about how I have
been pretending to be so great lately and my friend said to me, "you do not need to pretend to be great, because you are great." Self-Esteem is such a weird thing. One little thing can mash you to the ground and it takes 50 bazillion things to build you back up. Doesn't seem like the right ratio does it?

Off to the theatre, visitors in the audience tonight for me, as well as my on camera "confession" for the tv show. I shall try to say smart good things! eek. I am such a goofball.

Enjoy the article!
love Keltie.