Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today I shall dance all day, do a show and then take some time off to get out of my sweatpants and actually be social. So much drama happening at the show, and lucky for you it is all caught on tape for our tv show! So strange to walk around with a mic on all day. I really need to stop talking about my private parts. hee hee. I miss class, and I miss New York. I miss lyrical class with Chris Hale.

I have so many awesome things to look forward to this month. Mommy's visit, D's visit, Spagatti's visit (note to dancers, always better to take bestie to opening night gala's, WAY more fun!) the show opening, crafting completed and days when I can hang with hobo more.

enjoy the video. Story of my life. seriously. I feel like he is singing a convo I have had.