Wednesday, April 1, 2009

books and boys.

“ I was thinking about how you said I could always trust you.
I was Skeptical.
You said I HAD to trust you.
I wanted to believe you.
You BEGGED me to trust you.
You were so earnest, so persuassive, so charming. SO boyish and sincere.
I said I knew that if I could learn to trust you, it would make me a better person in so many ways.
You wrapped your arms around me.
I allowed myself to be convinced.
You begged me to trust you.
And i did.

You said I was the one person in your life with whom you could always be open, honest and revealing. You said I was the last person on earth you would ever want to hurt.
You said I meant so much to very much...and always would.
You said, I would never never never want to hurt you.
I said, If I didn’t already love you so much, I would love you even more.

-diane schoemperlen, At a loss for words.

I am reading this amazing book. This quote makes me seem like I am still pinning away, but I am not however, I just had to show it because I think it sums up what so many of us feel, at some point. I love the way Diane writes. She writes directly to her subject and it reads like a journal entry. This is the same style I am using in parts of my book. It is very honest. Love that.
I am sorry I haven't been on here lately. Work and life have been insane. Working 12 hours days to get the show ready, plus press and then moving and being a mommy too. It is alot. I am looking forward to a long winters nap at some point in 2010.

Tommorrow our show has it's soft opening, the public comes but we still make changes up until our official opening April 12. The show is great. Mel's costumes get skimpier and mine get more covering, love that too. Tried to steal her marc jacobs ankle boots but no luck. Access Hollywood came and I put pasties on the host, I hope that makes it on to tv. Yesterday Loftiss fell through the stage, thankfully she just cut her self up alot and can keep dancing. Also found out that there is going to be a "making of Peepshow" tv show. Juicy shit people. We have a million cameras following us around at all times, and mics over our heads no matter what we say. I figure Allie going on stage without panties, and loftiss falling through the stage is good tv for day one. I am thinking about starting a showmance, for great tv purpose only, I suppose I would have to find a showman first.

Gotta go get my keys to my condo, photoshoot with the amazing Bryan Hainer and then busy unpacking. Not much of a day off.