Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a couple of bananas and a bottle of booze.

Hey good morning world. I feel amazing. It is sunny and warm in sin city. I slept amazing. Last night was a dancers friday night and we had fun at Striphouse hanging with the crew and cast. I met the men that are producing the new show at the Wynn as well and Bob Martin AMAZING!!! who WROTE, yes WROTE the drowsey chaperone for Broadway. They actually stopped me in the parking lot as I was leaving to tell me that they thought I was amazing in the show and that they could not take their eyes of my eyes and smile on stage and that they just finished having a conversation about me to Jerry. AMAZING! I really needed that, as I am not sure that Jerry was very happy with me with week :(

Last night in the audience was Ryan Seacrest and Brooke Burke. Nice.

So wanted to introduce you all to our tv crew. They follow us everywhere and we wear mics all the time. Everytime I leave the dressing room these guys are standing there. It is VERY strange. They are really cool guys though. I just hope they do not sabotage us in traditional reality tv style! eek. Also, the girls are monica and allie, and of course there is a picture of me and JERRY MITCHELL!! ahhhh. awesome.

I finished reading my book, or what is done of it to albie last night. I cried during reading it and he put his head on my lap and told me to stop, and that he didn't want to hear any more of this story, or me talk about myself that way. He also said that he thinks it is great. Some of it is hard to read. This book covers my 8 years living in nyc. A wide span of time, and many many different lives. A few of my favorite sentences...

" ..and once again I felt defeated. I was so lost, and it was not just because I was below 14th street and in the tangled web that is the east village. "

" I am not sure that I ever found him really attractive, he was like a strange bird in a zoo. You couldn’t help but stare and move closer because clearly he was something unimaginable."

I am off to enjoy my day off. Take a deep breath. Life is good friends, it really is.