Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey it is earth day, the day that all the people who do not already recycle, or have SIGG's or maybe people who litter get called out, and remember that they need to do their part. I am not that girl, but I decided that love long showers. My promise to earth is that I will stop taking such long showers. Let me know if I start to smell.

It was an exciting day when I showed up at my casa and saw a huge box from Sugar and Bruno full of goodies for me! A wonderful lady I shall call miss.funk sent me out some of the line so I can start rocking the S&B look before my stuff comes out. So rad. I did a little fashion show (with hobo) enjoy. I want to give away some of these treats to you guys so stay posted on a little game we shall play. Tee Hee.

I am heading out to see Cirque to see Zumanity. I am excited. I have seen it before but I love it. Seeing the Ballerina in that show made me believe in the power of swarovski crystal pasties. Here is the great thing about right and wrong. Everyone has their breaking point. Some people think women should wear skirts below their knees and that a skinny strap is scandalous. Some people go to the topless beaches in europe. However you feel about nakedness and the degrees of nakedness that we come across in life, that is your deal. Here is my deal. I do not have a body that "society" deems sexy. I am in a show with 16 girls that do. Jerry has taught me that being "sexy" and being "hot" has nothing to do with the way you actually look and the way in which you act. Confidence is attractive. You have to get out there everyday and do whatever it is that makes you feel good about you. For me right now it is a good pair of baggy "boyfriend" jeans, a braless and flawless summer and a bowler hat.

There is something so beautiful about life right now. I feel more alive than I have in a very long time. Sorry I say "awesome" so much. I am a dork.