Monday, September 14, 2009


Before: (kick ass eye makeup!)

What I think is sad that instead of the world talking about the epicness that was the MJ tribute they are talking about the asshole. (I won't say it). I think that this is exactly what is so wrong with the world. What happened to manners? Dear, you are not better than the world. Why is that people who are terrible get all the attention? Why do celebrities think they are above the rules of the world? The rules are easy. Be kind. Wait your turn. Say please and thank you. sheesh.

I am so proud of Taylor- who was in tears moments before her kick ass performance. The energy was so amazing and everyone on the street, including me, that heard what happened started yelling Taylor! Taylor! Taylor! It doesn't even bother me that you could only see me for 2 seconds on tv because it was one of the most meaningful, exciting performances of my life. Having 6th ave closed off, with the band on the marquee, a million fans on every corner of the street and the sounds of NYC in the background was amazing. No words.

Our crew:

Some of the things I saw at the VMAS that blew my mind:

- MJ tribute. In addition to how amazing this was overall I have to say seeing Janet was a highlight. JANET JACKSON. The dancers she had behind her were only slightly less epic. They included some of the biggest names in my industry. Brian Freedman, Laurie Ann Gibson, Tyce, Dave Scott, Cris Judd...I mean...I can't. It was just too amazing.

- Pink, upside down in a pastie, singing LIVE. I can't it was too amazing. I love that she is so unapologetic about her talent. I watched her earlier in the day in reheasal and she just has a stage presence that cannot be touched. Epic.

- Lady GaGa was a little of a disappointment to me. Her dancers were kickass but I was not a fan of the choreography. To me it was just a little too try hard. Since I am the queen of try hards I think I can say that. She didn't need to "try" so hard to be different. She just is. I felt like it was as if they took everything MIA did in the last few seasons of SYTYCD and put it together. I did dig the blood though. Rad.

-Beyonce is amazing. I knew almost every dancer up there with her and it was so fun to see my friends killing it. Her right hand woman Ashley Everett was up there and looking perfect. I watched this in rehearsal and it just reminded me of why B is the queen. She's just perfectly put together at all times, and shares a love with me of shimmer tights.

-Taylor, of course did an amazing job. I have worked with many celebs and she is BY FAR the nicest most grateful person I have ever met. She was just so kind. Down to earth and sweet. All the people working for her and surrounding her were also kind and wonderful. It's sad that we can see the tears in her eyes during her very first VMA performance. I am sad that it got ruined for her. I am also so proud that she didn't cancel. She just overcame the haters, stood up tall and rocked it. I do not think we as young women can look for a better role model than that. She is wise beyond her years.

After ?:

I just wanted to thank everyone for the love and support. I got so many messages of love and luck I was really overwhelmed. I have exactly 6 days off until I start Rockettes I am looking forward to some reading, relaxing and NOT WORKING. The last time I took more than 24 hours off was sometime in January. Way too long. I am committed to not working, on anything, no shirts, no blogs, no dancing, no anything. JUST KELTIE TIME. I need to rest. I am fighting off the kind of exhaustion that just sits right behind your head that you ignore everyday. I love you. See you soon.