Friday, September 4, 2009

my # 1 jeff

So today I got to see the "teaser" for a tv show I am working on. Someone was quoted as saying "when you meet Keltie you either love her right away, or hate her...and I love her." This made me so sad. I asked Spagatti about it and his answer was "yea, but how many people that really know you hate you?" My answer is zero. I was talking about why people might see me this way, it UPSETS me! He said I was abrasive, hard working, successful and beautiful. (awww thanks) but that this seems to piss off alot of people. Strange. It is weird to see yourself, playing a tv version of yourself. It is the same, but you don't to explain things like...I know, it was a terrible hair day. I flew all night, I usually have bangs...I ment that I am only waa-waa sad once and a while, not all the time...perhaps a bra would have been a good idea (maybe the braless and flawless summer doesn't translate well to film...Someone should have told me that I had that crazy crooked eyeliner on...I could go on...

Maybe that will make this all good. Maybe it is more real. Flaw filled + fearless?

I am glad to be back in NYC. Spent the day in the queens with my best, watched some smurfs, invented the word douchecock, and played one of my favorite games called "do motorboat lips while I take pictures". When Jeff + I are together we suddenly turn back into the 6 year olds we were when we first became friends. It is amazing. I love it. Of all the Jeff's in my life, this one is my number one fav.