Wednesday, September 2, 2009

out wih the old. In with the new.

Goodbye Las Vegas.
Goodbye Firefly.
Goodbye Planet Hollywood + my theatre.
Goodbye spot between blades + allie in the dressing room.
Goodbye to 8 pm calltimes.
Goodbye steering wheel that is too hot to touch.
Goodbye Flamingo, the i-15 and Koval.
Goodbye pools that are nightclubs during the day.
Goodbye how serene ave. stopped being serene.
Goodbye damn &%$# express bus that has followed me around for 6 MONTHS everyday.
Goodbye to everything that was + every memory I had tied to this town.
Goodbye to my studio space at the Rock Center.
Goodbye to that girl who was scared to be alone.

Hello. New York City. It has been a while. I hope you still remember me.