Monday, September 7, 2009

fun is the new black.

Had a convo with my best about what we will miss when we both are not living in NYC anymore. Decided it would be days like this. Days where we roll out of bed, call up some random friends and share breakfast at noon in some random diner, walk through the streets, and end up eating chinese food out of little white containers on the floor in Queens talking about the passing of time. I have made it my goal to live each and everyday FULLOUT. I refuse to muddle through anymore. This includes riding and all bouncey slides that appear on the street in front of me in Queens.

I had to share this video because I needed to prove to Mr. Tomsic that I did in fact purchase one finger puppet to gift to him, but because of my crazy slide riding force my favorite red Jessica Galindo beauty cuff broke off and when the little tike behind me found it on the slide, I was forced to make a trade. Sorry Jeff. But here is the video to prove it. It also proves that I have a fivehead. I am not sad about the fivehead, I am a little sad about the loss of the finger puppet.