Friday, August 28, 2009

You can't tell me that all the love songs have been written.

"Kelts-congrats on the Vmas. Thanks for 4 first dates, 3 am phone calls and all your four-eyed hotness."

Someone found out where I work, somehow found the theatre and somehow managed to get these all the way from NYC to my station in my dressing room.

I am going to tell you a story about trust. Once upon a time (5 years ago) I met a super amazing man in NYC. This guy had a girlfriend and our group of friends all hung out all the time. I made it very clear that if said man didn't have said girlfriend that I wanted to go out. I made that VERY CLEAR. He made it very clear that he had a wonderful girlfriend and would never do anything to hurt her. Years later tables had turned and this guy did everything he could to woo me, when I HAD a boyfriend. He sent me opening night flowers, flowers of my birthday, and supported me in everything I did. The timing was just so wrong. I was caught up with someone else. I made it very clear that I would never do anything to ever hurt my boyfriend and that I would never cheat.

I have some serious trust issues. I think that if I am ever going to be able to trust anyone it might be this fellow. Maybe sometimes the universe tries to tell us things over and over again and we are simply not listening. Maybe if we just open our eyes then the master plan will slap us in the face and say "WAKE UP! I have good things for you!"
Maybe I am just a hopeless romantic.
Maybe... but I certainly am flattered.

They say when one door closes another one opens. It doesn't mean that the closed doors hurt less, it just means that we all have to just keep moving forward in order to overcome the adversity that life throws at our hearts and our lives. I refuse to give up on my dream of having it all at the same time.