Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where did you come from baby, and ohhhh won't you take me there...

A very exciting this is going happen at the Pearl theatre at the Palms this month. I am happy to be raising money to benefit music education in Nevada school by dancing in las Vegas's tribute to the king of Pop. A few dancers from Peep have gotten together and are working on a piece to P.Y.T. Here is an inside look at our first rehearsal. It looks pretty yuck right now, but trust me in a few weeks we shall be the hit of the show! If you live in Vegas come! Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster!

Ps. I also wanted to say a HUGE shout out to Wurtland Middle School! Wildcats! I asked a while back if anyone knew of some underprivileged dancers in need of some sugar and bruno gear to start of their season on the right foot and my friend Cristina helped connect these guys with me. I am proud to say that Sugar and Bruno sent some HUGE boxes of gear out to these kids. I hope that it makes your dance season all the more special! Go wildcats! Thanks to the amazing folk at S+B for being so cool and giving.

pps. I am rocking a new haircut I call the extended bowl cut. What do you think?

ppps. How many times can one group of 3 girls say sh$t.

pppps. I love it when people call me kelts. Thats how I know they really care.