Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love is a feeling...

Today was so amazing. I helped to raise over 100,000 for Music Education in Nevada schools! I am so proud. Today was of course, one of the greatest inspirations to dance, Michael Jacksons Bday + the city of Las Vegas + the performers from many shows on the strip came together and pulled off a SOLD OUT show at the Pearl Theatre at the Palms. It was something else- the energy was sick + our number from PEEPSHOW was super badass. We danced to PYT + had 4 girls who were the PYT's and then four hiphop girls, we kinda played it as a West Side Story Sharks vs. Jets thing. It was awesome. My other favorite pieces were the 8 year old who plays Simba in Lion King singing, the gospel choir doing "Man in the Mirror" (I cried!) and this rad Las Vegas Band called the Higher and their cover of "Give in to me". It was really badass and they got a crazy standing O from the crowd. Very cool.

I am happy and inspired. My last 3 days in Vegas are all jam packed with shows, parties and packing! I never thought I would say this but I am actually going to miss this crazy city. I am never ever planning on being out here again for any extended period of time + I am just so happy that I got to hang here for the past few months. Sort out alot of my heart, spend nights building what I think is a pretty kickass website, dancewear line and read some really great books. I have missed NYC so much but I almost feel like I needed to spend all this time away from my city dealing with all my unfinished business so that when I get back this week I am hungry, focused and excited.

We were talking in between numbers tonight about how everything happens for a reason. People always say that, and I hate it. I like to fight the universe all the time. I will kick and scream to make things happen. Sometimes it is important to just sit back and let the tide take you where you need to be. I was planning on staying in Vegas right up until I left for ROX tour and instead took a leap of faith, decided to take 2 weeks off and just bum around NYC, on the slight chance that I might book something for the VMAS, or that I would meet someone who owns a yacht on the street corner and they would wisk me away to Greece for 2 weeks. Lucky me! One of those things happened and now I get to work with one of my favorites Taylor Swift and also spend the night with one of my besties (and most kickass Makeup artists ever Sarah Appleby) who is making Cobra Starship look very pretty for MTV. What a small small little world it is. Also talked to my second favorite director of all time Mr. Furgeson and get to give him a huge hug too! It is going to be so funnnnn!I hope you all will follow along as I am guest Tweeting and video blogging for the rolling stone of dance- DANCE SPIRIT MAGAZINE all week long!

I heard that Travis Wall is doing something for the VMAS also. Mission Meet Travis Wall. Isn't he AMAZING. Best new Choreographer. Wish I was him. Want to pick his brain and be his best friend. I want to dance with him and do something to these guys singing this. So brilliant.