Thursday, August 20, 2009


I spent 12 hours in New York this week and it reminded me why I love it there so much. In those short hours I was able to pay a trip to my delicious agents over at Clear Talent Group, coo over beautiful things at Topshop, nap on loftiss's couch, have dinner with the amazing director/producer/inventor of all things Story Pirates, Mr. Jeff Tomsic, enjoy a cup of tea at the Bowery Hotel and meet a bulldog named Stella and Cheri O'terri (Go spartans?) File into an early morning audition with 300 other gorgeous NYC dancers and kiss and hug most of them. (Maybe I am a Scene Queen? It just isn't the scene that spends time on Buzznet!) I got to audition for MTV and my good friend Danielle Flora, run into Jerry Mitchell on the street! run to the airport and fly on a plane holding me, My dance captain Nick, Wayne Brady and one of the most perfect men I have ever laid eyes on Jamile Mcgee, back to Las Vegas.

Speak of the devil. below.

That is why I love NYC. There is always something to do, something to be said, some dancing to do, and even though I wander through most of life alone, in that city, it never feels that way. The little bitty dance community might seem daunting to some, but to me it feels like a home cooked meal.
I have spent a whole great deal of energy trying to fit into places, and scenes and worlds where I did not belong. I have felt like that if I stood close enough to something great, I would be great. I have tried with everything I have to make broken records play. I can honestly say this. You fit somewhere. Just like I do. Maybe it isn't exactly where you want to fit. Maybe you find yourself look over at the green grass wishing you were somewhere else, with other people, doing something else. I have begun believing that our purpose isn't to do things so that all the different groups will watch, but instead to do things and make art because there is nothing else we could ever do. Dance for me is not a choice. Dance is my air. There are people, in jobs, in schools, in life who do things and say things just so that someone will watch and they will feel important. I am learning a new game called "doing things because I want to". Instead of hoping in a cab from the Bowery I walked the 28 blocks it took me to get home last night. I looked at the buildings, the sky, the taxis and the people. I could have rushed home to check my phone and email and do some blogging and live my life through means of mass connection, and instead, I just lived...

Try it. It is really pretty amazing.

Ps. I guy actually hit on me on the street with the pick up line " Honey, I think you dropped your drugs." Only in NYC!