Monday, August 3, 2009

Meet LILY!

A story about everything making sense (since it so rarely does)

Yesterday a very old friend of mine was in Vegas. His name is Rob Dawson. Rob and I have been friends since the womb, as our parents are besties. I spent each summer growing up sitting beside my brother and his 2 brothers doing boy stuff. Things like watching startrek, playing guitar and lighting things on fire. Rob is on tour right now and was coming through vegas on the CRUEFEST tour. Nifty.

We spent the day, hanging, visiting and reminising and finally spending some time at guitar center picking out my new uke. Here is the story that makes sense...

After I picked out my new baby and brought her to the register I took a look at her and spoke about that I thought she was a girl and that it seemed to me that her name was lily. The only people who heard me were Rob and the cashdude. I paid for her. Posted a tweet about "what should I name my new uke?" and went on my way with Rob.

A few minutes later I got a text from my other favorite Dawson that said " I think you should name her Lily, If I had one that is what I would name her."

I stopped in my tracks. When things like this happen you just have to be open to the universe and the messages that it is sending you. Looks like I am on the right track.

My friend Loftiss talks about "creating moments" alot. I think this is a fatal flaw in girls and dreamers alike. We tend to try to create these magical movie moments in our lives. I know I do. I can make excuses for someone, or myself until the cows come home. I can draw out one nice gesture for a month and turn my head to every lie, forgotten phonecall or missed event. I am the queen of "yea but...he sent me flowers!" I have learned and am learning to stop doing this. To just accept it as it is and to just live the day you are given instead of some day in the future or some day months ago. As we get older we are supposed to be getting better. Not worse. We are supposed to be getting smarter, stronger and more enlightened. There are parts of me that will always be caught in the immature Keltie phase. I think because, I grew up so fast. Moving the big city by myself really young, and just started working, dancing and hustling. I grew up in my profession, and never in my heart. I still fall in and fall out of love like I am looking at Jordan Knight at the New Kids on The Block Concert in 4th grade.

I have been sitting back the last few months and sort of just accepting life as it comes, not trying to force anything, even though, it surely would have been easier to find a rebound, an delicious beverage, or some sleeping pills. I really want to be as strong in my heart as I am in my determination.

Brilliant things:(write these down!)

-You can love someone into loving you back.
-never make someone a priority if they only see you as an option.
-How you spend your days is, of course, how you spend your life.

PS: Steve just informed me that I just beat out Lacey Schwimmer in page views on and am now the most viewed signature series collection on the site! Thank you so much for the support and love! Gonna do some giveaways this week. Thanks to everyone at the Dance teachers summit in NYC and Ihollywood in LA for all the support of my line...SHOCK!