Monday, August 24, 2009

I just knew me and Taylor were ment to be BBF!

Reasons I love this performance! This chick does it all. Costume Change. The greatest F.U song ever. Rain. Looks hot in a FLAT shoe (yea tall girls!) This was epic and even more epic is going to be this years MTV Video Music Awards because that is right I WILL BE SHARING THE STAGE WITH TAYLOR AND DANCING FOR HER!!!!

I am so excited to work with Taylor. I am also excited to work again with the amazing choreographer Danielle Flora. Danielle has been the calling card to my great career. I got my break with her dancing on the VMAS in 2006, and then she hired me for Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central, Ben Stiller, a bunch of music videos and a whole wack of other stuff. She has some of the best energy I have ever worked with.

This is going to be my fourth year at the Video Music Awards. I can honestly say the two years I attended wearing a pretty dress and as arm candy killed my heart. All I wanted was to be dancing. It was hard to sit an be a spectator when inside me heart I am 100% performer! I have been thinking about making your own destiny. Attending the vmas on someone elses coattails was never very fun. I was never a very good sidekick. I have leaned lately that if u want anything, to be anything, to own anything to create anything it has to be your own. I was there the last 2 years but it had nothing to do with me and therefore I felt like a little tagalong. I'm not meant to put on a pretty dress and be arm candy. I want so much for myself. Nothing feels better than something you achieve on your own.

There are many girls sitting around, I see alot of them in Vegas, waiting for a man and his career, his money and his cool life to sweep them off their feet. Why? When we can concentrate on creating all those things on our own. I have a cool life, a cool career and lots of money...remind me why I need a man?

I was talking with Nicole about how cool our lives as dancers are because we never have to endure the downfall of being a has-been. How many different artists have a worked with that have faded into music oblivion? Many. How many dancers? Not as many. The dancers get to shift and get to keep working the best events with whoever is hot at the moment. Besides the blisters, harsh competition and sore muscles it is sort of a win win situation for me.

I cannot wait to be back on the stage at Radio City Music Hall. How strange the events since '06 have been. To me the VMAS are the pinnacle dance job. We didn't get alot of American tv growing up in Canada but we did get the VMAS. Every year I watched the epic dance numbers by Paula, Madonna, j.Lo, Britney, and I dreamed of the day that I would "make it" and be up there too. I think in my heart I was waiting for something like this to come to me again so that I knew that my first VMA's was not a fluke and that I could prove to myself, and everyone around that, I have what it takes to continue to be successful, even on my own.

Sometimes people are mean and they say I get alot of things because of my social life. I assure you. This one was all me. This one had nothing to do with twitter followers, myspace fan sights, or how many kids wrote in. This one was all me beating out the other 300 girls at the audition. It is nice to FEEL that. It is refreshing to stand on my own two feet and make it.

Are you going to watch!!!!????