Tuesday, August 31, 2010

how are you supposed to trust anything your heart tells you when your heart has fooled you before?

people say we are supposed to trust our guts, but my guts are liars.

I am a walking zombie. Somewhere between the guilt and my guts, is my heart and I wish that my heart spoke English. Sometimes I feel like my heart speaks some sort of native tongue of a different planet. I can never actually decipher what it is I am supposed to do with all these emotions.

I wish happy was some definite thing that scientists could calibrate. Then we would know for certain if we were, or were not feeling that.

I wish that when you met the person you are supposed to give your forever to that a giant light bulb heart illuminated above their heads and you just walked up to your perfect match, turned off their light and then knew that this was it.

see I'm trying to find my way
but it might not be here where I feel safe