Friday, August 6, 2010

how do you measure, measure a year?


California did something really right this week.

Equality is such a great concept and yet even in our regular lives a challenge to accept for me accepting the gay community is as easy as telling you my favorite sandwich is pb + j. It is just part of who I am, growing up in the dance world from a tiny little age I never realized that there was a supposed difference in the rank of human based on their sexuality. We were all just dancers. We are all just people.

I believe that love is love is love. Love is universal. Love In English equals love in Germany equals love in 1963 equals love between your mom and dad equals the love I feel for my dog equals love in 2043 equals love for the planet equals love between two people, no matter who they are.

Love is just love. It is an unstoppable magical force that you and I do not get to understand, tame or control. Love is simply love.

We only have a few short milisections on the planet and we should all fight to love each other, allow each other to love and to educate each other on love.

Equality for all.

Seems fitting that everyone in LA is celebrating this amazing feat of standing up for Gay rights by going to Hollywood bowl to see RENT. Rent the musical was one of the very first pop-culture iconic medias that embraced the story of love between anyone. Straight, gay, or the love able cross-dressing character Angel.
Rent is my most favorite musical of all time. It is strong, brilliant and beautiful. There is a reason that the world completely embraced Jonathan Larson's brilliance.