Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Move Forward.

loyalty is THE thing. but, as you you know... YOUR loyalty and your standards for yourself are not followed by others. this is how it works. you live your life YOUR way. and that is how you derive satisfaction... it is SO disappointing when others don't live up to those standards... but try and remember they are YOUR standards. everyone else has their own agenda. and are looking out for themselves.

i just think you are actually on it.
you just don't see it.
you are in control of 'IT"
your destiny.
your life
your script.
you write it.
u receive the information.
you digest it.
you process it.
you determine how it will make you feel.

you can choose to change your course slightly... if it is something to learn from.
but if it is not something you feel is criticism you can use, fuck it.
let it go.
and continue to move.
it's all we have as artists.

we digest. and navigate. and create our experiences to be amazing.
for us.
and we don't get disappointed when the world doesn't give us what we gave it.
we give because that is the way we feel complete.
don't expect the same from anyone else.