Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my daddy says.

Never take no for an answer. I promise there will be so many people saying no. If at first you do not find success you just have to try, try, try and never ever give up. Keep moving forward with confidence and know that the universe has a big plan for you. It feels heartbreaking to put yourself out there each and everyday to only receive rejection, but there is a reason for that to, we just do not get to know it. Hold you head high and know that you are beautiful, talented and that courage, passion and hard work pay off, but not always the way we want them to.

hold on, good things are coming. I promise.

My dad once told me that you cannot have it all at the same time, and I believe this to be true. A cardinal rule of showbiz is that when your love life is in shambles you are always working and when you finally find peace in your heart that work will be SLOW. SLOW. SLOW. Maybe I cannot have it all, and most of my life I have chosen to be heartsick and working. Right now, I am choosing to revel in my happiness- there is something inside my head that knows something so perfect rarely lasts and so I am happy to enjoy this time while I have it, because soon enough I will be back to being heartsick workaholic.

That is a sad statement spoken from a very happy heart.