Monday, August 2, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA. I have been creating my life + a busy bee. Flew to Atlanta for an audition + then was working till all hours of the night on this little baby. One of the things I have realized in life is that most of the time to opportunity that you really want, won't come to you easily. I grew up wanting to dance in Janet Jackson videos, I figured that one day if I lived in a big enough city that I would get my chance. 10 years later I have never heard about a janet audition.

If I could give you a piece of advice today it would be what I am learning, which is that sometimes if there is something you really want to do, you need to create it. Chasing your dreams is an understatement. For me, I realized after filming a bunch of hosting jobs that my DREAM hosting job did not exist, or that it did but was already taken by Kat Deely. I love dancing, I want my life to exist around the dance world. I am realistic enough to know that I am not the best dancer and that I get rejected just as much as I get hired. I wanted to create a job for myself where I could be in the dance world, be on camera and meet all the people and idols I love the most. I came up with the idea for THE BEAT, a entertainment news TV show about all the dance shows. I've been busy working, filming + writing the pilot episode in hopes that someone will see this and want to pick it up :)

I hope you enjoy it, and I would love any feedback or thoughts on this project.

Mostly, I want to tell you that maybe it is time we all stop chasing our dreams, and instead create our dreams....

what do you want to create?