Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello last day of the ten.

I couldn't sleep last night and sat up wracking my brain for something overly epic to write to sum up this overly epic year. I didn't want to disappoint you all with something sub-par. These word kept ringing in my head.

I wish the best for you, because I love you.
I wish the worst for you, because I loved you.

It is a struggle isn't it. To love so much that you want to protect that love. To be brave enough to acknowledge that the people who treat you badly, are in fact bad for you, regardless of that love. To know that your love loves someone else more than they ever loved you, and still believe that you are worthy of a great amount of love, though days and days of searching has left you empty handed.

I want to remind you, and myself, in case you will be the one in the room staring unloveable in the face tonight at midnight when loves are smooching each other and popping champagne- that you are worth it. The universe gives you exactly what you handle and it has a beautiful, mind bending heart mending love for you, right around the corner in good old 2011.

Hang on little fearless heart.
Live with integrity.
Love fearlessly.