Sunday, January 2, 2011


"I think your message was ultimately honest, sometimes painfully so, and so needed. So many people move from relationship to relationship without realizing how unhealthy this can be sometimes. They lack insight, and really think that other people are the ones with the problems. So many people settle for mediocrity, for being taken advantage of, for being made an afterthought, for thinking they don't deserve enough or aren't worth enough to ask for certain things from others. So many people run around trying to fix others so they don't have to try to fix themselves; these are all messages I really liked, and thought I should share. Thank you for sharing your truth, even when you were being honest about your own shortcomings. That took a lot guts, and is something I respect you for." -AB

“You dont have to be a former rockette or have had your heart broken by one of your rockstar exes to benefit from this read; you just have to be human.” -KL

"This book should carry a warning about being read on public transport... one minute you will be laughing as Keltie battles through life in her typical dorky and adorable style and the next sobbing - heartbroken about her heart pain." -Z

"it was honest- sometimes brutally so- and never tried to pull the punches, which could be awkward when writing a bio focusing on both her dance career as well as past relationships. i feel it takes a lot to open up about things like depression and rejection and codependency (there are things i don't know about some of my best friends that i can now tell you about this woman!), and it's incredibly brave to do it in such a public forum."-E

Hi army//because of a little adventure I took my fearless heart (which by now I am sure you have all found out about) on I am going to have to step away from my blog (yuck. contracts.) for the next 8 weeks. I was wondering what to leave up here as my last blog for the next little while and I decided to give it to you...I love every picture, letter and email you all send me. I am so honored and touched. I cannot believe you say such nice things. You are better than a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

I was pretty sure that when I started writing Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom that about 5 people would buy it, and I would just continue dancing and dreaming right here on highkicks, you have blown me away with support for this story. It makes me believe in humanity when I get letters and get to hear your stories. It proves to me that we are so much more alike then we think, and that we are all in this together. Love. Love. Love.

I was talking to a women I met on the beach this week and she was grilling me about the affects that a dance career + Rockettes had on my body. I felt lame to respond that for the most part I was ok, other than sore hips in the morning. I felt like there was so much more to that story, that I couldn't really put into words, that could not be explained through a sore muscle. I think the greatest battle isn't with our bodies, it is with our minds. That little voice telling us to give up when we push ourselves to the limit that you cannot ever silence and have to push through anyways. The same voice that tells us to never love/trust/fall again with our hearts after an epic heartbreak. We must always silence those little voices with our own fearless hearts and refuse to give in. Courage. (get up.) Passion. (we all suffer.) Hard work. (keep going.)

So thank you! for being the voice telling me to keep going, long after I thought I could.