Thursday, December 16, 2010

So, yesterday two really exciting things happened...

First, I ate my first Salad in almost a year. I am not a fan of salad. Sorry salad.

Secondly, my bff Christina Perri found out that her song "Jar Of Hearts" went gold.

You know I love about this story? Not only does it mean my friend got to have her dreams come true, and we got to make an epic music video together... (in case you cannot pick me out I am dance//almost maker-outter in car int he grey dress) It means that dreams come true! Isn't that somewhat reassuring?

I love that me + CP can sit at a table in our favorite diner and just be us. 500,000 records, a few less books, and the same nut n' honey milkshake. It's weird when all of a sudden your bestie is super famous and every time you turn on the tv (if you owned a tv//or watched tv which I do not...) you get to see her face. Weird when all the people who matter, all of a sudden think that some you ALWAYS thought mattered, matters. Art, in all it's successes is actually pretty overwhemling. Making art is easy and fun and natural. Selling art is where it gets ugly. I guess that is why they call it "showbiz" instead of "showfun". I had a bad day yesterday. Rotten Keltie. I had the kind of day where I bit my lip through most of the day and finally, in the comfort of my friend and my diner had a little cry fest breakdown. You know what Cp said to me she said "don't breakdown- break open".

She and I had an amazing conversation about the lens that we choose to see our lives through. I find it so depressing when I have days that I cannot force myself to be thankful, aware or gracious for all the great things in my life. We all do that though don't we? Get in a rut and spend the day with a dark cloud over our heads. I think it is my nature to always want more and never be content, and that turns into being disappointed that my life is not exactly that the grandiose fairytale that I have dreamed up inside my wildest dreams. I only see my life through the gloomy lens. Wah wah.

I think what we all have to remember is that, it is up to us which lens we choose to see our life through. It is our job to try our hardest to not get caught up in comparing ourselves and our lives against others. I get to make art for a living. I get to inspire people. I get paid to spin, leap and skip. I have the life 6 year old Keltie dreamed of. I am free. I have a roof over my heart. I have a big ol' heart full of love. I am a lucky girl.

Gotta remember to see life through our grateful lens.
What do you see when you look through yours?

photos by: lani lee

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