Wednesday, December 15, 2010

People always ask me what the best advice I can give them is.

First of all, I ate frosted mini-wheat's for all three meals yesterday, washed that down with diet coke, and slept alone-lonely in bed where I cannot figure out how to make the feathers in my "feather-bed" stop from cutting through my sheets and ripping up my skin while I sleep-and by "sleep" I mean, get into bed at 3 am, read "Letters to a young poet" again, toss restlessly all night until 8 am when I start my day with a nice healthy can of Diet Coke. I doubt that anyone should be looking to ME for advice.

I just live life with a few rules, and one of those rules is that there are no rules in life, only respect. You can do whatever you wish, with whoever you wish, whenever you wish as long as you do it with integrity and respect.

Here is what I believe: The miracle- the one you have been waiting for in the form of the love of your life, the job of your dreams or that perfect hair day in which Kate Moss would be is right around the corner.

Do not give up before the miracle happens.
It could happen today.

You could get that job/house/car/new hoodie.
He could ask you out.
You might win.
Your hair might look awesome!

give up.

What miracles are you manifesting?!

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