Friday, December 17, 2010

you're only you. and your job is to become the best you.

"it's just about gathering power. and strength. and getting to be a more secure amazing human.
it's not about labels.
it's about accumulating.
and growing.
and becoming amazing.
you are not a victim of how you are wired.
you can rewire.
become a more efficient machine in the way that...
it's ALL a win.
and it's ALL a dream come true."

Last night I told a friend of mine that I was a jaded, closet hopeless romantic. He responded by saying:

"ha ha ha ha. you are an out of the closet hopeless are running the streets hopeless romantic. screaming thru your megaphone."

Sometimes we get so caught up in the way our lives and hearts are supposed to be, that we forget to enjoy how they actually are. I am a goal wired person. I make goals and then I obsess completely about them until they are reached. I am like a horse with blinders. Goal. Goal. Goal. The weird thing about work is that, this is a very good way to be. Sadly, with your heart you cannot will yourself into love, or even set aside some time to "fall in love". I think I need to learn that the John Lennon was right

"Love is free, free is love
Love is living, living love"

Love isn't a fancy dress or a dozen roses. Love isn't a horse drawn carriage or a perfect dinner. We do not (sadly) live inside the movies. So, today is your chance to "rewire", take your blinders off and open your heart and look around- the universe is giving you great gifts that you are not even noticing right now!

ps. Teddy, oh teddy, why are you the cat to my meow? the awesomesauce to my radburger? Boy dancing might be my favorite thing in the world next to green tea and books.