Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thank you!

I am home in Sherwood park, gearing up for another book reading with TWLOHA + Vitabath. Tomorrow I get to do some Tv interviews with the national news in CANADA. WHOA. I have not seen my house of family during the holidays for 7 years. Walking into my house smelling like xmas made me so happy. Sometimes I forget how huge the sacrifices I have made are. I miss Rockettes so badly, sometimes, randomly I bawl my eyes out. It's like a bad break-up with your childhood dream, and we all know how I am with break-ups.

Someone once told me that sometimes the universe takes away certain things from our lives in order to open up the space needed to create the next big thing for us. It's hard for me to comprehend most days. I would put work before sleeping, eating and most other things. Regardless if I am okay with the universes plans or not, It's been a pretty exciting few months and I wanted to share some of the highlights from my new life as "author". I knew that one day my hips would officially give me trouble and that I would have to find a new passion. Thank you for the support and love, and my dream is that I can one day make a living writing, touring and spreading motivational moonbeams on to the whole world...Do they post jobs like that on craigslist?

I landed in a few magazines this month, two of my favorites were a feature in Dancetrack + the cover story for See Magazine in Canada.

I also got to attend the premiere of "Burlesque" + The Hollywood Media and Movie Awards. Talking about my book on the Red Carpet to anyone who will listen. I have also been involved in a ton of holiday charity events which make my insides feel yummy.

Most importantly I opened my page as an author on and began letting people, LIKE YOU, review my book! It has been amazing, and some of my favorite quotes have been:

Julia Batts rated it 5 of 5 stars
"My daughter had the opportunity to meet Keltie at a dance convention. Something about Keltie instantly touched her heart, and truly inspired her. I read the book first and found it to be very honest and inspirational. I allowed my daughter to read it after I finished. She couldn't put it down. In the book, Keltie proves her courage and determination, and we also see her quirky, bubbly side that everyone loves. We absolutely loved this book, and to all that has the passion to dance, or the passion to do anything, should read this book!!! :)"

Randa rated it 5 of 5 stars
"This book is so raw and emotional, a wound that almost heals until something rips it back open. Every turn felt like a roller coaster or feelings and I was along for the ride. Keltie successful laid bare everything about herself and she pulls the reader in, making them feel as raw and wounded as she felt. I honestly couldn't put the book down and when I was finished, I felt like I too, had emerged a better and more healed person. One of the best non-fiction/autobiographies I've ever read."

You know, there is something really scary about putting your story into the world. Sometimes I wish I was not such an open book, and would have written a story about dragons and princesses. Being a writer is a talent and a gift. I have neither of those things. What I do have, and what I believe is my strongest suit is that I have a relentless source of determination. I am living proof that what everyone told you when you were growing up was true. You can do anything you set your mind to.

I really encourage you all to follow your dreams, today. There really is never going to be a better time to start. Get started today. Do that thing that scares you. Spend time building your dream life. It won't ever be easy, but I guarantee it will be worth it!