Monday, May 24, 2010

You were a bandaid for someone, and this someone will be a bandaid for you.

sorry I have been MIA. I was away at a thing (it was awesome), and then yesterday I was shooting a thing(it was also awesome), and then today i am moving my things to a new place. (right above c.perri's head!) So many things to do...

Remember when you saw that movie where the prince charming stole the girl away and covered her eyes and took her somewhere magical and when he opened her eyes she gasped because it was all so movie-like, even for the movie? And then he leaned into kiss her, and wrap his arms + whole self around her and then she just glowed from the inside to the outside? And even though they were looking up at a million stars are the moon and Saturn's rings, even the night sky was no match for their light?

That happened to me. yesterday. people stare at us whenever we are together because i think the light that shines from inside us must blind the other people in the room. when you asked me what I was thinking, I was thinking...

I am just so lucky to know you.

Have you ever felt that way about a person? like, my life force in increased just by knowing that someone like you exists, and then on top of it, knowing that I get to sit and dream and plan adventures and bounce ideas off of a brilliant mind like his. To look in someones eyes and know that they are listening, really listening. When I look at his face sometimes I have to look away because I am afraid that I am going to start crying, screaming, laughing or yelling, I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU...FOR SO LONG, WHERE WERE YOU? at the top of my lungs.

When someone or something is wrong it will gnaw at the back of your heart+head+thoughts all day? I like you...but. and then a list of all the things you wish were different.

I am playing a game with myself called, when you are about to let someone in and you get really really scared and you want to run the other direction, don't. Stay. See what happens because what happens my friends, is magical.

people told I wouldn't be able to really get over my lack of heart, until someone came along that made me forget, or that stole my heart away. I think that might be true.

sigh. swoon. gulp.