Saturday, May 1, 2010

Believe in the best parts of yourself and the worst parts of everyone else.

if you asked me how I am I would say fine.
if you asked me what is new I would say nothing much.
if you asked me if I am happy now I would say yes.
if you asked me if it still hurts I would say everyday.
if you asked me if i would change anything I would say no.

you asked me if I was around in your town.

is it possible to live in the same place but be nowhere close to the same place? i wonder what it is about fellas- they have this sick 6th sense and some alarm must go off inside their heads when they sense that us women are happy.moved on.notthinking aboutthem64timesday. where they need to just "check in" and remind me that they are not infact DEAD which I have completely fooled myself in feeling- you are gone, i buried you and all your bullshit 6 feet under.
but that they are alive, existing and sometimes wondering about me. I can say this...when it comes to matters of the heart, nothing is ever going to make sense- but the best thing you can do for yourself is to cut the romantic self induced magical world crap and along with it straight out cut the toxic people from your life. If someone says they care about you, love you, want to marry you, will always take care of you and then BLATENLY contradict their words with their actions it is best to believe in the best parts of yourself and the worst parts of everyone else. There are amazing people to meet, know and love out there but you won't ever see themif you keep looking backwards at the toxic, tragic trainwrecks in the yesterdays of your lovelife.

my regrets are few.