Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the news:

Update time:

First of all I will be at Everything Dance this weekend in RENO, NV for a signing. Come see me!

Second of all, I am currently designing NEW fresh things for Sugar and Bruno. There are so many rad styles at sugarandbruno.com right this second. Make sure to use the discount code KC5678 to get 10% off.

Third, are you following my rants on twitter? If you do I would love the support of you suggesting to your friends to follow also. The more the merriest!

Fourth, I would really like it if you would join my fb fan club. It is the best way for me to reply to you and send you news and links. I really like it. Right here on this very page is a link!

Fifth, I would really love it if you would tell your friends about this blog. The more readers I have the easier it is for me to attempt to show a publisher that my book is worth it. Thanks.

Sixth, make sure to email me keltiecolleen@gmail.com with the photos you take of you in your gear + cuffs, I post them all on my website and mostly they make my belly giggle with happiness when I see them.

Okay. That is all. Thanks for reading.