Saturday, May 15, 2010

Currently I am reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. I want everyone to read this book. Now. First off, I love Elizabeth Gilbert- I loved Eat, Pray, Love + I love all her online motivational speeches. Committed is about her, a skeptic making peace with marriage. hmmmm...sound familiar?

More than marriage, the book talks alot about relationships through history and how much the west has changed them. Not only do we live very solitary lives but we expect that ONE person to LOVE us for all of time and inspire us daily. Honestly, I have a hard time inspiring loving myself and inspiring myself daily. I think Liz is right, this is a really tall order and something perhaps is misguided in our thinking of what exactly a relationship is.

Anyways, last night I got to have a cup of tea with my beachwood babe and bask in the glow of her glow and my glow and even though i have renamed us the 'girls who cried love" the bottom line is that all we really have is this day. So if you are happy, skipping, giddy with love and kisses and yummies then I think it's okay to let yourself be happy. There will inevitably be the days that are the downfall of this feeling, but if today isn't that day then we should just celebrate and enjoy our smiles.

and just in case you needed some brilliance this morning