Thursday, May 13, 2010

this is the first day of my life.

I had the kind of night that takes all the things that live inside you, pulls them out, and mixes them around. There is something about this very moment in which I know that nothing is every going to be the same. This night has taken in the inner workings of my heart, who I am, who I consider myself to be and changed them in a way that is beyond an explanation. I know it is difficult but it is so important to not fight fate. We get exactly what we all deserve.

When you fight the universe your life will be filled with disappointments, lies, questions, fights, confusion, tears, fiona apple songs, long conversations with friends trying to decipher the language of other peoples intentions.

When you allow the universe to unfold as it should you spend the night feeling beautiful, smart, funny, happy and it ends with a walk around the block with your dog + your heart beating four zillion times faster than is should. Most importantly, you are not afraid, of the future of your heart or what might be.

I can finally see exactly what the universe was planning for me. I felt is wrap itself around me like a warm, snugly yummy blanket and the only thing that needed to be, was.

Thank you universe.