Monday, May 3, 2010

a few of my famous friends...

there are people who read gossip magazines and gossip sites and spend their life trying to be picture perfect versions of the images they see. i feel sorry for these people because they are trying to live a life that does not really exist. photos + publicists + gossip show us only the side of someone that they care to show. it is easy to look happy in a photo. it is easy to pay a publicist to get you on a red carpet so that people can think you are important. i've been there. it is mightily glamorous but also pretty disappointing. it did not make my life any better. promise. that is what bugs me the most about our 'celebrity' obsessed culture. why is it cooler to be a coke-snorting train wreck who is in rehab who was either a child star or some rich Hollywood dudes daughter than it is to be philanthropist or heaven forbid sitting at home working on your talent? i hang out with some of the best + most well known dancers in America and none of us have any time to party- we spend our days in class-working-auditioning-creating-watching-pilating-yoging-doingbenefits-inspiring.

case in point: my most of the time roomie miss mollee gray. she's from SYTYCD. She was in all the high school musical movies. she's in camp rock. she's in everything. EVERYTHING. I have never seen her in anything but sweatpants and anywhere but in class. fame is a fleeting beast. it rarely stays. even rarer is anyone that you see out there in hollywoodland being anywhere near the kind of person that is worth your time.

bottom line: stay in class. stay focused. you are good enough. talented enough. pretty enough. you don't need a coloured carpet to tell you that because I am telling you right now.

now enjoy. mollee.