Monday, November 16, 2009

Sugar + Spice = hold onto your nice.

I was writing on the bus today and I was thinking about what it means to be nice. People like to define me as "nice". I hope that one day the universe creates a way to be both "nice" and not get walked on because of it. It makes me sad when the evil people-who are selfish and ugly inside always seem to get ahead. What if what kind of car you got to drive and what magazine covers you were on were based only on what kind of person you were? If the idols in the media, and in the world, we based on the goodness of peoples souls? I can almost bet that most of the people we hear about on daily basis would be obsolete. I am learning, with each passing minute to not be so nice. Or really, to keep my nice in a bank and only lend it out, and give it out to people who really deserve it. It is really tough sometimes because I have this inner need to fix, help, save everyone. I am learning to save myself first. To believe people when they show me who they are. To believe that I deserve the best. That action speak louder than words.

Being nice is one thing I suppose, being so nice that I allowed everyone to treat me like garbage was really nice, for everyone else but me.