Tuesday, November 24, 2009

forgive and forget you a thousand times.

I handed over my baby (my book) to my dear friend Christina Perri this week. You know her. You love her. She is one of the very few people's opinions that I trust. She knows good from bad. Many years ago when I dated her brother she turned this ballet prep school weirdo into some semblance of a rocker-chick seamlessly overnight. She is the coolest girl I know. I wanted some feedback. I wanted to know what pieces were missing. She came through with flying colors. I think this is really funny:

So wrote me some notes and here are a few-

"Yagger bomb is actually: J├Ągerbomb"

I have a hard time spelling tomorrow-What do you expect?

Does Slash drink scotch? I feel like he only drinks jack. I could be totally wrong.

Yup. Slash is in my book...and you thought you knew me? I bet you are all dying to know how. Can't tell. C.Perri is the only person on the planet that would remember what Slash was drinking. I find this so funny.

Side Note for you: I stopped listening to my favorite band, The Beatles, as well for a very long time. Which is strange because I made them MY life. I want to be a Beatles historian. I pray to John and George. *&^$#& took them away from me, too. But I listen to them everyday again and have something of theirs hanging in every corner of my home. They come back. Don’t worry.

In my story I am talking about how powerful music is. How I can directly correlate songs with moments and how sometimes even after you heart has forgotten something, a song can bring you right back to that moment. I love that. I also hate that sometimes. even as I write this, with fresh blood in my heart, I am still totally affected by by those tunes. Just as I hang the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on my hotel room door each night, I also continue to hoard my Beatles collection in the "DO NOT PLAY" folder of itunes. There are some things you never get back- but Chris's words give me hope, that maybe, one day, they will....