Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jar of Hearts (and awesome!) Christina Perri + me.

the backstory to this piece: he's broke her heart, and just in the minute she's collected the pieces, he comes back. (sigh)

No matter what your dream is please remember this: good things happen to good people. There will be a day for you that you will start out singing jason mraz in the car with your best friend and end the day the #1 most google searched thing on the planet. I have been around all kinds of music-people while their dreams were coming true. I have never witnessed something so special, real, raw and heartfelt. Life has dragged this girl through the mud...and she came out shining...and so can you... just please

-surround yourself with good people
-believe in your talent
-get the fuck out of your own way
-give good hugs

Thank you for supporting Chris and making her song top #20 on itunes! We were infinite last night.